On Crushing Your Upper Limits

Imagine what it would be like to live FULL OUT.

By upper limits I mean playing BIG and stretching your capacity in every area. This is about challenging yourself to go bigger than you imagined possible. This is about doing the necessary inner work (mental and emotional) along the way to take dominion of the mind so that you can create the personal and professional breakthroughs you intend to achieve.

This is about shedding the old and stepping into & embracing the new you.The you that is ready for more. The you that is wanting to break free from all limitations and take control of your life. The you that dreams of a life entirely different from the life you are currently living. The you that is tired of the rut you may find yourself in.Part of the work of transformation is supporting clients in PLAYING FULL OUT and winning 9’s and 10’s in their lives.

This morning I offered one of my clients a powerful tool to help get her unstuck and take ownership of her company, wellbeing, and relationships. She came in stuck, disillusioned, and drained + walked away feeling completely restored + on fire. It was truly exhilarating to see her transform before my eyes.

If you are ready to win 9’s & 10’s and break free from all limitations, sign up for our current coaching programs! What would life be like if you were operating at a 9 or 10 everyday?

Harry LopezComment