He has created a positive impact in my life and I felt the change right after the initial call. I’m so blessed to have an understanding, humble, smart and positive soul as my life coach. That’s what Harry is.
— jose rodriguez, vp of publicity at pantelion films, los angeles
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Harry’s energy throughout the entire conversation and goal setting made me feel not only at ease, but genuinely excited to start the new year with a greater sense of purpose and value in what I do and who I am.
— Kateri Gutiérrez, founder & Career Consultant, Los Angeles, CA
Harry is very accountable and makes sure his clients are on track with their project goals at all times. Also, he is very passionate about being an inspiring leader and is full of great actionable ideas!.
— Jose, Miami, FL
Harry came into my life when I most needed him and has been a rock ever since, helping me believe in myself and find renewal after setbacks. Harry truly lifts you up. He literally helped me land a dream job a few months ago and, on a day when I felt discouraged and lost, he granted me the perspective to remember who I am.
— Megan Seely, Actress/Filmmaker, Los Angeles, ca
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Harry is a compassionate and authentic soul. He always goes with a step further when coaching. Harry does a great job of listening but also shows that he really cares. He does a great job of isolating time, and using that time to give you his undivided attention and honest advice. Harry also leads by example and isn’t afraid to share his struggles or intricacies within his personal development.
— Paige allen, director of operations, horton marketing group, nashville, tn
Brief time with Harry as a coach but he is very dynamic, smiling, creative in his methods, using different supports that inspire me to creative action.
He is inspiring, motivating, and proficient.
— Vanessa, Paris, France
Harry has helped me gain confidence and courage to embark in the journey of starting my own public relations business. He has helped me work on setting intentional goals. Through working with Harry, I’ve seen my growth in confidence and ability to bring myself to step outside of my comfort zone and do the unthinkable. Harry truly has a way of welcoming you to step outside of your comfort zone and ask yourself, “What if” Through Harry’s coaching, I feel that anything I want to accomplish is possible through hard work, planning, and determination.
— rosa pruneda, founder of Rosa E. PR Houston, tx
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Expertise, insight, positive energy - Harry has a depth of character and passion that is rare and wonderful. In one session my skepticism and uncertainty vanished and I saw how Harry can be remarkably helpful in navigating the modern tensions of life and career. A personal transformation. I highly recommend Harry
— paul benevich, copywriter, new york, ny
Harry is so amazing! He’s an amazing healer and guide. He instantly provided value, even with just our first call. He has a unique ability to connect and hold space for you so that you can fully explore your own self and your goals. and his very action-oriented, which I love.
Harry, I truly loved and valued our interaction and I’m forever grateful for your help. Your methods were simple but profound. And mostly, It was the energy you exude that I connected with and that allowed me to open up. It’s a beautiful thing.
— joel rojo, founder, austin, tx
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After working with over 10 coaches and therapists (because of business needs and location changes), I can confidently say that Harry is one of the best. He is a life coach, which means he helps you work on your forward-looking goals (vs. a therapist which looks into past and unpacking, and vs. an executive coach that will assist in immediate and near-term problems and provides insights on business decision making).

Harry is top notch and a joy to work with. He’s intuitive, creates a safe environment to think and share, and provides helpful feedback and insights. Best of all, he listens and asks the right questions.

He starts the session off with a meditation, which puts you in right mindset. He creates goals for the session and has a good balance of letting you talk / vent / get things off your mind, and also staying on track.

I finished the session feeling invigorated and ready to accomplish all my personal and professional goals. He truly has a gift. I highly recommend to anyone looking to put their personal and professional goals into high gear!!!!
— tanya menendez, founder, san francisco.
Harry is an amazing coach from the moment you meet him. He has an amazing power to make everyone feel well and safe. With his character he allows people to open themselves in a very easy way. My experience with him was so inspiring. I came to him with many doubts and I left him feeling more secure about all of those questions that I had. I also think that he’s a very strong leader in terms of giving example of how someone has to treat, listen and deal with anyone else. Just observing him how he talks and listens to people can be a very strong learning for anyone. I was so pleased to have him as a coach and very fortunate.
— Guillem, Barcelona, Spain
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As a result of working with Harry, I found mental clarity and developed an actionable plan to take off with my goals. I most appreciated his positivity and his ability to listen without judgment. I learned so much about myself just talking to him. He asked me questions that really made me think about what I wanted and how to get it. I learned about the mental blocks I had keeping me from pursuing the career I dreamed of
— lena g. fort lauderdale, florida
I don’t know much about coaching, but I can tell you that you are a great coach. The way you let us come up with solutions to our problems by ourselves by just asking guiding questions was amazing. Your silences are powerful, your body language transmits confidence, the way you talk gives serenity and your observation skills are always active. In the cohort, the protagonism was always in us, the members. We were the ones who created the activities, that came up with the Hebrew word, etc. Your intention was to give us power, confidence and develop our potential, and that is sensational.
— Diego, Mexico City, Mexico
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