My journey

My journey with coaching began in the world of education. I was a school teacher.

I was a struggling third-grade teacher in Nashville Tennessee in 2012. I was assigned a coach who would come to my classroom week after week and provide me with feedback and mentorship and guidance to expand opportunities for my students.

That year transformed my life personally and professionally. With the help of my coach, I was able to not only get them on track academically, but each student exceeded expectations and grew a total of 2.5 years.

My coach would come into the room and ask me in response to any kind of issue that I had… What are you doing to contribute to this? What can you do personally to improve? It was never a question about what my children were doing or what the school system or what the country was doing… It was all me. These questions built and developed me as a strong leader that you got the strong, conscious leader who shows up for himself in order to show up for the world.

After a couple of years I was brought on to develop and coach a handful of bright young teachers in the city of Nashville. I fell in love with coaching and saw the transformational outcomes I was having for not only me… But for my teachers and for their students as well.


how do i work?

 Before we can move forward to build the life of our dreams, we must know, deep-down, how powerful we really are.

That’s why I work from the inside out to create an approach that nurtures change in a holistic, practical and empowering way. When we address anything at the root, within ourselves, life naturally mirrors that back and there’s nothing we can’t change.

I’ll help you move beyond the blocks that have really been holding you back, and we’ll create a clear, concrete, strategic action plan that supports your goals while you more deeply connect with and trust your inner wisdom.



what is coaching?

Coaching is a results focused endeavor that will call you forward in pursuit of living a high vibrational lifestyle where you are excelling in all areas of your life from the personal to professional. As your Coach I partner with you to create the results you want, challenge and motivate you to take action toward your goals, provide feedback, support and accountability, and help your overcome mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from really stepping into your greatness.

what type of coaching do you do?

I do transformation coaching - I have created my own methodologies that I’ve blended over the years of my work with results coaching, ontological, spiritual psychology, executive leadership, and social impact strategy.

how much do you charge?

I do not disclose my pricing information until I know that we are a good fit for each other. I typically talk pricing during an initial consultation.