Training My Mind In Abundance Consciousness

Harry Lopez

The moment I began to question the most stressful thoughts and beliefs that were contributing to my suffering was the moment I began to step into my freedom. The past year has been one of the most abundant years of my entire life. Why? Mindset. Training my mind in abundance consciousness coupled with being part of multiple conscious communities (masterminds) of men + women, both as a leader and student, in which I had the opportunity to be called forward in my greatness, stretch out of my comfort zone, and lean on other entrepreneurs for support during the highest of highs and lowest of lows was the best thing I’ve done for myself. "Abundance consciousness" means, becoming aware of the existence of abundance, of feeling it in your life, and of connecting with it, even if it doesn't seem to be a part of your life at this moment.


Every week I’d meet with a partner where we’d sit down and challenge each others’ most stressful or limiting beliefs. These were the most contracting, gripping beliefs. The ones you don’t ever want to share with anyone. The ones that were primed at a very early age -- and worked to rewire them. The result was nothing short of miraculous as we saw years and years of patterns begin to lift week after week - leaving us more connected to the truth of the abundant truth that lies before us.


A Series Of Limiting Beliefs.

The biggest thing that gets in our own way is our own mindset about money. And even more so, our belief systems about what we’re truly worth.

The greatest breakthrough for me was in healing my relationship with money. There were a series of beliefs that were holding me back from stepping into financial abundance. It wasn’t “how” to make money, it was more “am I worthy of it?”

Money is a very sticky subject for most people. It’s one of the greatest blocks I hear hold people back from investing in themselves the way they’d like or going after the things they desire.

Here are a couple of blocks I’ve seen and experienced from myself + others in my work as a professional coach

“I feel scammy if I charge for my services”

“Making money should be hard.”

“Making money means I’m evil.”

“I’m just not the kind of person who makes money.”

“I’m scared I will lose myself if I make money.”

“I’m only interested in making an impact and making a difference… money doesn’t interest me.”


Have you found yourself saying any of these? Or maybe you’ve heard a family member or close friend utter one of these statements. Having previously worked in the non-profit space, I can confidently say that many of my friends have these beliefs about money.

In my personal journey of transformation, I have seen how ALL of these limiting beliefs begin to lift the moment compassion and presence are brought to them. In being made aware of the limitation and the ways in which we hold ourselves back from stepping into ‘possibility’ in our lives, we are able to take dominion over these ideas and see beyond them.

Life is already so abundant and you can have the freedom you desire if you’re willing to challenge your worldview and be courageous enough to call yourself forward on your blind spots. for me - it was about getting clear on my own worthiness and how worthy i am of having what i want. i am worthy. you are too.


I’m curious -- What’s the #1 most stressful belief that is holding you back the most from the success you want in your life/business? Comment below.

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