This program is for Latinas. 
For Latinas desiring of more. Desiring a more fulfilling life filled with impact, freedom, independence, and a sincere yearning to catapult themselves to success.

Latina Coaching Accelerator Program

I know you know what it feels like to hide — we have all experienced this. Some of us are living in hiding — while others have managed to free themselves and live their lives freely, unguarded, uninhibited…from a place of inspiration and flow. These people are taking on the world - personally and professionally and taking ownership of what they truly want. I call this liberation. It’s about stepping out of the darkness and into the light.

I want this for you.


This is about living more abundantly and playing full out at your highest potential.


To give yourself the chance to dance with your dreams and to no longer linger in indecision, hiding, insecurities, comparison, self-doubt, or outdated unrealistic stories that hold you back from the truth of who you really are.


You have a burning desire to go to your next level in business and life and you also want to feel connected to a greater why and purpose for your life.


If this sounds like you —— I have created a program for you!



The How

You will identify 1 project that you will tackle during our time together - I will help you in our initial coaching session come up with what that is. This should be a MASSIVE project that has a lot of weight for you, whether it be 4x-ing your business, amplifying your social media presence, starting a speaking presence,  starting a company, growing your coaching business, changing careers or maximizing your impact in any area of your life. Through the support of myself and other truly amazing inspiring latinas, we’ll break down your vision into manageable action steps so you can attain success.

You’ll have 1:1 private coaching calls, group calls, crush-it sessions, and celebrations to help you stay accountable, inspired, and on-track for the duration of the 4 months.

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Working with Harry has transformed my life. He has not only encouraged me to step into my greatness, but has also helped me find the inner strength I’ve needed to reflect deeply on the things that have weighed, and held me back for years. The clarity I have now, in living and leading a purposeful life, is a direct result of working with Harry.
I personally recommend his services to anyone looking to take their personal and professional goals to the next level. You will be grateful for the opportunity to work with someone that takes their craft seriously, and is commited to helping others reach their full potential
— diana albarran, space executive, san jose. ca

The What

Two 1:1 60 min. Private Coaching Sessions with Harry

Week 1 + Week 16

Monthly “Crush-It” Sessions

work virtually with others while you cross “that thing” you’ve been avoiding off your list. 

10 Deep-Dive Group Coaching Calls

75 minutes of group coaching every week

Celebration + The Road Ahead Zoom Call

share your biggest wins + set up what’s next after 4  powerful months together.

Private Slack Group

get support from your new community + questions answered from Harry throughout the 4 months.

Coaching Network

access and support from a group of inspiring men + women that meet monthly for accountability + support.

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“Being a part of the Latina Accelerator program has been fantastic. What an honor it has been to connect with phenomenal women, to learn about their strengths and challenges, and to gain Insight from their wisdom. Harry has done an incredible job as a coach

bringing together great participants and curating a rewarding experience for all of us to learn from one another and from him as well. He is a fantastic Mastermind convener and I am so grateful for this experience. I have learned so much and have seen direct impact on my goals and challenges through this experience. I would recommend it wholeheartedly!”

Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing, Google


In summary...

4 Month Coaching Accelerator Program

February 2019 - May 2019


Description: Working with an experienced personal and professional coach in a small-group of dynamic participants, we will partner to create transformational results around leadership growth and fulfillment in all areas of your life from the personal to professional. Coaching is a results-focused endeavor, and will center around individual objectives each participant has for their lives and careers.


Each week will have a different theme around leadership and fulfillment that we will explore in the context of moving you forward towards your goals.  


For more information and to sign up, please contact Coach Harry Louis Lopez to learn more and reserve your spot.


16 sessions total (4 months)

  • 10 group coaching sessions

  • 2  1-on-1 sessions (the first and last session)

  • 3 “Crush-it” Sessions (un-interrupted virtual group work time).

Apply today. Only a limited number of spots available. Prices will increase Starting January !st. Get your early bird discount today. $500 off. 

I only accept a limited number of inspiring Latinas in this program, so if you’re feeling up for the challenge, apply today! Program begins February, 2019. Limited spots available
— harry lopez, professional coach

If You Are Ready to Take Your Game To New Heights...

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“Working with Harry has been nothing short of amazing! He really served me with such a connected heart and brilliant mind. He is a breath of fresh air, so pleasant, so inspiring, so NEEDED! As I always say, " Everyone needs this Harry in their life!"



Harry - Testimonials (4).png

“Harry has been an incredible pleasure and it has been an incredible experience being part of the Latina Accelerator. On every call Harry was present, so full of energy, life and commitment for the work he was doing - I couldn't help but be caught up in his passion. I can - without reservation - recommend him to you! He is a great coach and best of all - a great guy!”



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“Harry came into my life when I most needed him and has been a rock ever since, helping me believe in myself and find renewal after setbacks. Harry truly lifts you up. He literally helped me land a dream job a few months ago and, on a day when I felt discouraged and lost, he granted me the perspective to remember who I am. ”



“As a result of working with Harry, I found mental clarity and developed an actionable plan to take off with my goals. I most appreciated his positivity and his ability to listen without judgment. I learned so much about myself just talking to him. He asked me questions that really made me think about what I wanted and how to get it. I learned about the mental blocks I had keeping me from pursuing the career I dreamed of”


Harry+-+Testimonials (1).png

“Harry’s energy throughout the entire conversation and goal setting made me feel not only at ease, but genuinely excited to start the new year with a greater sense of purpose and value in what I do and who I am. ”



“Harry has helped me gain confidence and courage to embark in the journey of starting my own public relations business. He has helped me work on setting intentional goals. Through working with Harry, I’ve seen my growth in confidence and ability to bring myself to step outside of my comfort zone and do the unthinkable. Harry truly has a way of welcoming you to step outside of your comfort zone and ask yourself, “What if” Through Harry’s coaching, I feel that anything I want to accomplish is possible through hard work, planning, and determination. ”


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“Harry is a compassionate and authentic soul. He always goes with a step further when coaching. Harry does a great job of listening but also shows that he really cares. He does a great job of isolating time, and using that time to give you his undivided attention and honest advice. Harry also leads by example and isn’t afraid to share his struggles or intricacies within his personal development. ”


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About Harry

Harry is a personal and professional Success Coach, Consciousness Expert and Entrepreneur. He writes and speaks frequently on issues of personal and professional change, happiness, health and inspiration, and the topic of mindful living and conscious business.

Harry graduated with a B.A from Vanderbilt University and a M.Ed from Lipscomb University. He is a graduate of the 2017 Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania where he spent 8 months developing and learning about the nuances of developing a Social Venture from beginning to scale. Harry is a graduate of Mastery for Coaches Certification Program. He received a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Lipscomb University in partnership with Teach For America. Harry is a former Adjunct Professor of Business Leadership at Broward College